Yinsh   -   the   game

Yinsh was made by Kris Burm and is one of 6 games in the Gipf Project. All games have a
hexagon gameboard an markers.

The games have no special theme but the packages are very nice. On the Yinsh package
there is a hurricane and Dvonn has a vulcano on it. The other games are decorated with
water (Zertz), desert (Tzaar), snow mountains (Gipf) and nerv cordes (Pünct)

Now back to Yinsh...You play it with 5 white and 5 black rings and many double-sided markers.
The players puts alternately one ring on a place to set a marker in it. After this the ring
must be move to another free place. On this way you have to build 3 rows of stones in your
color to win the game. It seems easy, right? And it is easy....nearly. Because if you jump
over markers they change their color. Not funny for the owner.

The game was published in the year 2003. Since this time we try to advance it in the BSW and
be glad about every new player who learns it.

More Info about the game you will find on the page of Gipf Project.