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>> I am an Yinsh Tutor Puppet. If you want to learn the rules
>> you have to type @a @b @c etc. or @continue after each stop.
>> With @thanks or !thanks I will leave you alone.


>> There are 5 rings for each player and 51 markers for them together.

>> You win the game when you have removed 3 of your rings or...
>> when you have removed the most rings if there are no more markers.

>> You may remove a ring each time you make a row ...
>> with 5 markers in your own color.


>> On the right side, next to the board, you can see the remaining markers...
>> and on the left side you have a button to use coordinates on the board .

>> In the field next to your name is a place for your removed rings.


>> Player 1 starts putting his first marker on one of the crossings on the board.

>> Then player 2 does the same until all 10 rings are brought on the board alternating.
>> After that the actual game begins.


>> Player 1 puts a marker in one of his own rings bye clicking on it...
>> Then he has to move the used ring to an other free place.

>> you can not move markers later and you have to consider some rules...
>> when you will move the rings.


>> 1)Each ring can be moved on a straight line to a free crossing.

>> 2)You can jump over one or more markers but not over other rings !

>> 3) jumping over markers will change their colours .

>> 4) You can first move a ring over one or more free fields...
>> and continue with a jump over one or more markers...
>> but on the first free field directly behind the markers you jumped over you have to stop.


>> References:

>> 1) Finished rows of 5 markers will be removed automatically...
>> and the markers in this row will go back to the pile.

>> When you have made a row of more than 5 markers ore more rows the same time...
>> you have to click on the first and fifth marker to remove the row.

>> After removing a row you have to remove a ring by clicking on it.


>> 2)When your opponent makes a row for you (inadvertently or not)...
>> you can remove the row and a ring too.

>> 3)When one of the players makes a row for both players in the same turn...
>> by putting a marker on the board he will win, because its his turn...
>> and he is allowed to remove his row and ring first.


>> Thats the end of my explaining.....have fun with the game :o)

>> If you want to get the rules a second time type @continue again.