spielteufelchen   explains   Mokkel   Yinsh

(translated from Popple-Lady)

spielteufelchen: So, first we set alternately our 5 rings on the free

spielteufelchen: This rings are the start places for all following actions.
That means setting markers and move rings.

spielteufelchen: Stones will allways set into own rings and this ring will
be moved then.

Mokkel: next

spielteufelchen: You can only move the ring with the marker in it.

Mokkel: yes

spielteufelchen: I can move a ring straight ahead as far as i want.br>
Mokkel: ok

spielteufelchen: I am not allowed to jump over other rings.

Mokkel: But other markers?

spielteufelchen: an overleaped stone will rotate and thats the particular.
You can change the markers into your own color, but own stones into the opponents
color too.

Mokkel: aja

spielteufelchen: whole purpose is it to get 5 markers with your own color
into a row. After that you have to remove this 5 markers and one of your rings.Ever
and ever until you have 3 rings removed.

Mokkel: stop

Mokkel: ¿

spielteufelchen: If multiple markers lay in a row but the row has a free
place in the middle you can only move to this free place.

spielteufelchen: Okay ask me *s*

Mokkel: i have to read fast

Mokkel: so

Mokkel: i have to get the 5 rings into a row with my stones ?

spielteufelchen: no, not the rings, only the markers have to be in a row.

Mokkel: ok

Mokkel: and what

Mokkel: if I have removed 3 rings ?

spielteufelchen: you can place the rings where ever you want on the board,
but they are your start places for your markers. You can only bring the markers
on the board with your rings..

spielteufelchen: Then you win, because then you have 3 times 5 markers in
a row.*s*

Mokkel: the aim is to get 3 times 5 markers in a row ?br>
spielteufelchen: Thats it!

Mokkel: funny target

Mokkel: thats it!?

spielteufelchen: But not once. Better 3 times in the game.*g*

Mokkel: lol

Mokkel: thats it!?

Mokkel: seems not

Mokkel: you write

Mokkel: a long text

Mokkel: *g*

spielteufelchen: Yep, thats all, but bethink, every time you have 5 markers
in a row you have to remove a ring. That means you have one opportunity less to
block out the opponent and one opportunity less to set markers.

Mokkel: aha

Mokkel: lets start

spielteufelchen: ok, join in ;-)

Spielmeister: Mokkel steigt auf Platz Nr. 1 ein.

Spielmeister: spielteufelchen steigt auf Platz Nr. 2 ein.

spielteufelchen: vs, vg und fp ;-)

Mokkel: *i am scary*

Spielmeister: Möge das Spiel beginnen. (Gestartet von Mokkel; mit 2 Mitspielern).

Mokkel: dito

Mokkel: ih ... I am

Mokkel: Where must the rings be placed at the best ?

Mokkel: middle

Mokkel: I see


Mokkel: You write

Mokkel: *g*

spielteufelchen: its hard to say...there are people who like playing near
the boarders, and people like me, who like to play in the middle..

Mokkel: ok

Mokkel: I play everywhere

Mokkel: *g*

spielteufelchen: Me too *g*

Mokkel: I have no idea what I do - you know

spielteufelchen: Try it, I have done it the same way ;-)

spielteufelchen: Now click on the ring where the stone is in it. Hold the
mouse button and pull it to the place where you want to place it.br>
Mokkel: how far can I move?

Mokkel forgot everything

Mokkel: *g*

spielteufelchen: Until the next ring, the boarder or above one marker or
many markers in a row.

Mokkel: ok

Mokkel: if I go above markers the color will change ?

spielteufelchen: Yep ...look*g*

Mokkel: ey *g*

spielteufelchen: Every time. If you go above white it get black too.br>
Mokkel: jo

Mokkel: is it good to rotate your markers ?

spielteufelchen: When you get 5 white markers in a row for it, yes

Mokkel: NOW

Mokkel: Is it good now ?

spielteufelchen: Hard to say. I allways try to react to what my opponent
does*g*, but at the moment...not really.

Mokkel: right?

spielteufelchen: Yep ;-)

Mokkel: ähm

Mokkel: really?

spielteufelchen: Yep, really


spielteufelchen: You cannot move above rings.

Mokkel: I will go TO the ring

Mokkel: thats not possible

spielteufelchen: You have to stop directly after a marker..

Mokkel: ?

Mokkel: ??

spielteufelchen: At which ring? Is a free place in front of it?

Mokkel: have I said that? *g*

Mokkel: you win *g*

spielteufelchen: You can only move to free places.

Mokkel: you didnt say this

Mokkel: I have no idea what I do

spielteufelchen: I thought it is clear but i will take it in my tutorials.
Thank you for the advice ;-)

Mokkel: ok

Mokkel: How should i know this?

spielteufelchen: Hm, thats true ;-)

Mokkel is allways right

Mokkel: the most time

Mokkel: +t

spielteufelchen: *g*, sometimes ;-)

Mokkel: ups

Mokkel: ach

Mokkel thought the marker will remove

spielteufelchen: What marker?

Mokkel: my marker on the top

Mokkel: when I moved the ring

spielteufelchen: Only the markers who are in the row, no other markers

Mokkel: ja

Mokkel: where i have to click? was this right?

spielteufelchen: You have to click on the markers that you will remove
because there are more than 5 in the row.

Mokkel: all except the one on the top or the one at the bottom?

spielteufelchen: klick on the first of the five markers, hold the shift-Button
and then click on the fifth marker in the row. It will go without shift-Button to,
but this way is the easiest way to eyplain. *g*. And for me it works faster ans better this way ;-).

spielteufelchen: good ;-)

spielteufelchen: And now click on a ring to remove it.

spielteufelchen: very good *s*

Mokkel: oh my god, what now

Mokkel: <- silly

Mokkel thought it goes up to the left

spielteufelchen: no, only forgot that you have to go on the first free
place after the rotatet marker..

Mokkel: right

Mokkel: oh

Mokkel: it was the only way for me?

spielteufelchen: Hm, there were two options, but yoou have choosen well *s*

Mokkel: do you have coordinates on ?

Mokkel: grats

Mokkel: oh yes

Mokkel: free place

Mokkel: HUCH

spielteufelchen: I never have the coordinates on

spielteufelchen: Oh, thank you *g*

Mokkel: uuups

-- Wenn spielteufelchen nicht 3 Punkte gemacht hätte, wäre der Gewinn nicht
so grossartig gewesen. (19:46 min.)

Mokkel: grats

Spielmeister: Mokkel steigt auf Platz Nr. 1 ein.

Spielmeister: spielteufelchen steigt auf Platz Nr. 2 ein.

Spielmeister: Möge das Spiel beginnen. (Gestartet von Mokkel; mit 2 Mitspielern).

spielteufelchen: Und wiedermal vs, vg und fp ;-)

Mokkel: dito

spielteufelchen: Do you know the game better now? ;-)

Mokkel: yes

spielteufelchen: *be glad*

Mokkel: ach

Mokkel: free place

spielteufelchen: in the free place

Mokkel: no

Mokkel: ach

Mokkel: ya

spielteufelchen: a free place in front of markers is all the same,
but not the free places behind it.

Mokkel: How


Mokkel: no

Mokkel: ach

Mokkel: yes

Mokkel: you know it

Mokkel: <-- silly

Mokkel: grml

spielteufelchen: You are not silly *assess*

spielteufelchen: Its simple, Sometimes you jump over multiple intersections
with a ring, until you come to the markers which you will rotate. Above a free
place in front of markers you can jump.

Mokkel: aha

spielteufelchen: Like in my turn now

Mokkel: i have to know now

Mokkel: can i go above the free place with the ring on the right side ?

spielteufelchen: Only if the free place is in front of the markers you will
rotate. behind it you are not allowed to jump over free places..


Mokkel: *nowiunderstandit-thousandthanks*