The   Yinsh   -   Guild

The yinsh guild is one of the smaller guilds and exists since 07.10.2003.
In the first 6 month we made a tournament for beginners and one for all players.
And we start a league and went to olympia.

As the first guild in BSW we initiated the honorary membership in november 2003.
For everyone who live (not longer) in a hanseatic city or will go to another guild too,
to vote by secret votings and to use our internal part of the homepage an internal events.

Our guild jobs have changed between multiple players too...

spielteufelchen started at guildmaster, followed from Naphets, kostra and Fairycat.
Naphets takes care for our tournaments at first. Mew2 was the second man in this job
and Amon the third. Our first teacher was Luinwen. Followed from Popple-Lady.
There you can see who makes the jobs today.

Our guild house was build in RealityTown at C34-63. We celebrate is with many
nice guests an a lottery of 2000 taler.

At 7.2.2004 we finished a tutor puppet. Since 9.7.2005 it explains in four languages.
(german, english, french, netherlands)

You will find us in our open guild channel /channel Yinsh-Gilde and in /channel Archiv too.

We hope to see you in our channel soon or as a member of our guild :o)
If you want to give us some feedback about this site, please visit us in our part of the forum of brettspielwelt.