Help   for   Download

Download the zip-files with your favorite theme.

Open the folder.

If you play with resolution 915 you need the graphics in folder 2, with resolution 1220
you need the one from folder 3 and with resolution 615 you need the files which
are out of folder 2 and 3.

Mark this files in it: aktion_bestaetigen.gif, aktion_reihe.gif, aktion_ring.gif, aktion_stein.gif,
aktion_ringentfernen.gif, aktion_ringsetzen.gif, und bg.jpg. You dont need the files Thumbs.db.

("Fire & Ice" has only the file bg.jpg in each folder, because the aktion_* files are not replaced)

With the marked files you have to overwrite the files with the same name in your
Yinsh-folder. This one is on your computer at C/Programms/BrettspielWelt/localized/en/images
(or on another place where you have saved you Client.)

If you login at brettspielwelt with your client the next time you can play with the new graphics.

If you want to delete the new graphics at any time you ahve to delete them and log in at
brettspielwelt with your client. The missing graphics will be replaced by original graphics.